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Our Mission is to make Clear Cell Sarcoma survivable
through education and scientific research.

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Dr. Kevin B. Jones, MD

"The way we study anything in biology is by looking at populations"

Hear what Dr. Kevin B. Jones and other medical professionals have to say about clear cell sarcoma and why it is important for clear cell sarcoma patients to connect with each other through The Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation (Sara's Cure).

Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD

"Sara's Cure (DBA Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation) is really one of the critical organizations to be in the corner of Sarcoma and if goodness can arise out of tragedy, this is one way to do it"

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with CCSF.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Sara's Cure (DBA Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation) is such a critical component of our armamentarium to fight Clear Cell Sarcoma" - Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD


What our patients, doctors and advocates have to say about The Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation

The cure for Clear Cell Sarcoma is out there. We need to be the ones to go out and find it.

"So much hope for a cure”

“The Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation is the only organization looking at Clear Cell Sarcoma specifically which gives me so much hope for a cure”

Kristin S, CCS Warrior Patient and Advocate

"Sara's Cure connects people”

”An effort like CCSF is really important to try to connect people. to connect them with resources that not only will be available for them but to connect them as a resource to be available to the people who are trying to study this disease”

Dr. Kevin Jones, Surgical Oncologist and Sara’s Cure Medical Advisor

"Lead by people who's lives have been personally impacted”

“The Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation gives me hope for a cure because it is an organization where the sole focus is Clear Cell Sarcoma. The organization is lead by people who’s lives have been personally impacted by this horrible cancer and know the urgency in finding a treatment and cure”.

Bruce N, Sara’s Cure Board Member and Warrior Father

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