Henry B.

I was 37 when I was first diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the foot. Because they caught it to late the tumor was all in my foot and wrapped around my ankle bone so the only choice I had was to do below the knee amputation. I was nervous but knew that was my only option. I was told after surgery that they got all the disease and I was happy for that but I knew I had a long road a head of me. I had to learn to walk again and it was tough but I did it! I was NED for almost 2 years. Then at the end of December 2017 the scans showed reoccurrence. The cancer was behind my knee and it has spread up my lymph nodes to my pelvis area and I have two spots on my lungs. The doctor told me it would a tough fight and it has been but I am doing it! I am giving it  my all! I have the best support system ever! I have my beautiful girlfriend, Kerrie, who has been by my side every step of the way. I have my kids, my parents, who have been in my corner from the beginning and my family and friends. I am grateful that Kerrie met Lennie Woods and that Lennie reached out to her. My doctor tells me that clear cell sarcoma is so rare that unfortunately there is not that much research being done on it so we need funds and donations!  We need to find people who are willing to donate their time and find a cure. You see, clear cell sarcoma dose not get enough exposure and we need to fix that so please donate! Push that button and help us find a cure for this awful disease.

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